Do you need a Wedding Planner?

    When it comes to weddings, couples would want to carefully plan and host one which is unforgettable. However, more often than not, some have created unforgettable weddings for the wrong reasons. Because of this, couples are now looking to engage wedding planners to help them organize the event so that nothing will go wrong.

    Kad Kahwin Ixora Designs

    Ixora Designs menawarkan kad undangan perkahwinan yang cantik dengan harga yang munasabah. Anda boleh membuat pembelian secara on-line dan membuat bayaran menggunakan kad kredit.

    delicious muffin and handmade coklat

    Untuk jadikan muffin atau handmade coklat sebagai gift sebarang majlis boleh lah menempah di talian 0129630269.

    Interracial marriages

    The classic tale of love is always the same – a man meets a woman and they fall in love. Of course, the next step would be to get married. But wait, what if the couples come from different religions?

    Organising a wonderful engagement party

    Engagement party is the time to celebrate the engagement of bride and groom while gathering all those close to you to share the good news of your upcoming marriage. But then again, how do you go about organizing the engagement party? Here are some simple tips and guides for your reference. There are some things […]

    Wedding stress management

    Couples are going to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Wedding is a perfect day for couples to share their love with families and friends.

    Losing weight for your big day

    Every girl wants to look their best for their man especially on the wedding day. Of course, when girls look good, you’ll also feel good on the inside while the level of confidence and happiness will increase drastically. And girls will want to shed the extra pounds off.

    Wedding Day Jewelry

    Wedding jewelry is the must have accessory during the big day to complete the final picture. It consists of chokers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sometimes tiara and of course, ring.

    Wedding photography: A practical guide

    Some people perceived the idea of wedding photography as having to pose for formal shots with studio lights and the couple must be beautifully dressed to pose for the pictures.

    Tips to cut wedding costs

    Getting married is a personal matter between two individuals but in today’s context, wedding is an occasion to share and celebrate. But here’s the painful truth – wedding costs a lot of money from the bridal gowns to reception to registration and other petty matters. Here are some practical tips to help you reduce wedding […]